#88 Roger Haus

Holy Hash by Roger Haus

Roger Haus is an award winning animator and illustrator who obtained his degrees in Llotja Arts Academy and Superior School of Design and Fashion IDEP, both in Barcelona, Spain. He is currently enjoying an increasingly diverse client list with commissions from New York, Switzerland and Spain. His work draws on a dazzling blend of technology and surrealism, new and old, hand drawing and vector. Today he takes the Surrealists and the most world's gifted emerging digital illustrators together with him to space. Mr. Haus is the one, the outrageous captain of "Exquisite Workers", and we love your heritage, Roger, your inceptions and outcomes.


A giant metallic mantis with electronic green and red eyes, is majestically grandiose. It moves stumbling like a robot. It moves its golden tweezers and in the background there is a desolate and dark landscape. Are you thirsty as much as I am?
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