SuperFomo by Digital Addict

Rafael Gregor, AKA Digital Addict uses his years of experience in advertising to make authentic feeling retro futuristic vaporwave art. Which coincidentally ambiguously satirises consumer capitalist culture from the 80s and 90s. His style often features remixed retro gadget advertising with a modern twist. For Crypto Corpse #01 Rafael creates a fancy gadget with marketing jargon as a hyperbole. The artist explains: "The Japanese on the left says 'They bragged about their overpriced gadgets but when you pulled out your SuperFomo...' This line is a reference to a classic Piano ad 'They laughed when I sat at the piano, but when I played…' ". Do not miss this absolutely stunning token!


Action, stop, rewind. Swipe forward. What would it be like to be able to have a life that is as well controlled as music? Who does not miss being able to have music in hand? Who does not miss having the rhythm of their life? Play, stop, rewind. And move forward.

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