#81 Woomoo

Nefelibata by WooMoo

Born in Santiago de Chile, in 1987, WooMoo's affinity for nature is unquestionable in her portrayal of people, plants and animals in a wide variety of sometimes futuristic environments. Working primarily in Procreate and Adobe Draw, she focuses on crafting a diverse range of characters and unique stories. During her time at the Metropolitan Technological University, she developed a line-focused, graphic style. She gets much inspiration from her Japanese pop culture, kawaii, zoomorphic characters, and robots. Apart from bringing vibrant colors on a digital screen in rainy days while listening to good music, WooMoo loves white chocolate, coca cola and scons. We have got all these things in tubes on board!


Calm as a river. Blue summer skies reign. Someone said that the birds cannot live in water because they are not fish. You see in them everything that the sky and the forest may contain.
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