254 NIEKKE - sprout

Sprout by Nieke Stegerman

What usually starts as a rough, digital pencil sketch, for Nieke Stegerman turns into an illustration filled with texture, detail and storytelling. Born and based in Maastricht, Netherlands, Nieke enjoys visualizing a vague and abstract idea and shaping it into the colorful narrative. Stegerman’s focus on a simplified, conceptual approach to creating illustration allows her to draw bold, graphic images with impact. Committed to her craft, today Nieke decides to spread her creative wings further afield, working abroad and in the open space. Being in nature, watching tv-shows and travelling to space is always to be in her to-do list.


Thriving, developing roots, the sprout is here to grow tall and strong. The little flower from the past seem to be deeply connected. There are some wires though which are left unplugged.
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