Power in Blue by Sr. Monk

Senyor Monk is a graphic artist and musician from Barcelona. Senyor Monk might describe himself as a multidisciplinary artist nevertheless it happens that he simply goes with the flow when it comes to a new project. His creations are mostly based on provocation and infamy and include themes ranging from the abuse of caffeine to the myths and legends of the folklore of Yecla, Murcia where due to Senyor Monk the "top people" live. Monk calls himself a neighbourhood hero and admits that since 1986 he has had the delusions of grandeur, and nobody is sure if they have seen him ever since. We are happy to have heroes like Senyor Monk among our first NFT artists!


How much money would one have to pay to thank them all for the amount of music we have? How many of them died and ran out of air to be able to create those sounds that no one has ever imagined? Is there any planet where there are no words, but music?
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