PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT OPEN by Impossible Tower 

"Impossible tower" started with a Costa Rican engineer (Mauricio G.) and a Mexican Architect (Socorro F.) doodling floors of a cartoon tower once a week (on their own words, the real ones are too much work). "Impossible tower" artistic unity started with the idea of a collaborative drawing excercise — slightly similar to the Exquisite Corpse — and ended up evolving into a fictional black and white world in which one-eyed creatures, monster cults, and regular citizens live together in harmony without being too freaked out by the insanity around them, extraterrestrial cereal propaganda included. "Impossible tower" hopes that their project will get hem closer to the life-long dream of becoming full-time illustrators.


DO NOT OPEN it said, and she swore she was going to keep it safe and un-opened. She was not contemplating that this was outer space and that things do not always work out as one intends. Hopefully all the terrifying monsters and ghosts that came out of it do not go anywhere near you.
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