265 ELENA GNO - extinct


Mermaid by Elenagno

Elenagno graduated with a Graphic Design degree in Italy when the Masters in Art Direction brought her to Elisava, Barcelona. Her work focuses primarily on the human figure, creating an informal and alternative representation of the reality. The figures seem to move thanks to the astonishing undulating effect caused by the spontaneity of the line. At the heart of her work there are colors which hold this fantastic power to convey and express ideas and emotions. Elenagno utterly enjoys to reveal her thoughts through drawing and to observe how people interpret her work and find themselves reflected there. With an extensive work experience in the fashion industry, Elenagno is also active in design and urban art.


The Mermaid is still alive and drinking its Tinto. Red, like that beautiful sunset your aunt used on her Whatsapp status. A drink for he human behavior! A toast for the species of our planet which left!
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