#155 AISA

Hyakutake by Aisa

Multifaceted illustrator Aisa finds the beauty in everyday life. Barcelona-born and raised, she produces work for a wide range of clients across publishing, fashion and advertising. Working mostly locally, Aisa has lent her unique touch to a broad range of culture-related projects partnering with some awarded artists and participated in numerous street art festivals with various self-generated work. Aisa is keen on a young adult illustration, Japanese woodcut and manga comics of 80-90's. Those magical and sci-fi worlds that she awakes in her art are blended with pop culture elements carried by the clean lines. Digital art fascinates Aisa for the creative freedom and unlimited experimental possibilities. And we are enchanted by Aisa’s light and talent. 


I miss you, Hyakutake. Last time we met was in the Earth horizon in 1996. Where are you today? It is not you who left, it is me who took my car and went away. I left but when I look at the starry sky, I realize how dear you were to me, Hyakutake. In 72000 I will be back after my journey around the world and I will sing a serenade at your window.

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