#193. NEO-SYMB by Elisyan -
Human-machine symbiosis and building of collective consciousness by Evelyn Mora

Aspiring artist from Mexico Bryan Maciel, AKA "Elisyan" sees the illustrating process as a therapy and a means of self-discovery. His strongly conceptual, signature style relies upon a whimsical, fantasy-driven world of characters and their exploits. Elisyan is fascinated by the cyberpunk, artificial organic and mechanical patterns which in his work address a balance of the beauty of nature and the perfection of technology. He is deeply interested by the world of manga created by Yoji Shinkaw, Tsutomu Nihei and Katsuya Terada. The sci-fi culture, dystopian and utopian fictions such as Ghost in the Shell, Akira, BLAME! and Ergo proxy, also futuristic novels and films are the primary influences in Elisyan’s work. He always wanted to build robots and live in the future where machines and humans evolve to such a point that the fictitious and desired perfection is a reality and so he draws the human that is the skull with impeccable robotic implementations.


The letter for this unique token is written by Evelyn Mora, who is an award-winning strategist, inventor, sustainability consultant, and founder of metaverse world, Digital Village. Her letter describes and explores how digital and reality no longer feel distinct in a post-integrated digital symbiotic world, and will be closely linked with some dire consequences. This NFT’s art by talented Elisyan imagines Mora’s world. All proceeds of the BeInCrypto star auction will be donated to the Open Earth Foundation.
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