190 Pacomang

#190 Switch Over by Pacomang - Virtual Worlds At The Vanguard by Hrish Lotlikar, SuperWorld

South Korea native, Pacomang is an illustrator and music animator graduated from Kyung Hee University of Arts in his home country. Aged 31, he creates the expressive art that comes from deep understanding and feeling of music as well as the accurate study of the line which he aims to turn from rough and complex into a fine elegant narrative. Pacomang loves to be challenged with digital colourful images with the effort to visualise the essence of the storytelling. Greatly interested in the dark future, approaching it with a sense of irony and wonder, Pacomang takes his inspiration from Katsuhiro Otomo (AKIRA), Miura Kentaro (Berserk), Beeple, Mad Dog Jones and from worldwide culture and future-related issues. His art often contains strong messages and emotions that transpire through the use of colours and composition. Subtle brilliance of his work speaks about the continuous search for people's strengths that Pacomang aims to absorb.


In this historical token of the second day of BeInCrypto Charity drops, Hrish Lotlikar, co-founder and CEO at SuperWorld, predicts the future of the virtual worlds, while South Korea native artist Pacomang creates the expressive worlds within worlds with the most subtle brilliance, elegantly inspired by music and classic cyberpunk anime. The prediction can only be unlocked and viewed by the winning bidder. After auction, the letter will then be revealed to the public. 
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