Funghi Power by César Marcén

A fine arts graduate in Barcelona, César Marcén approaches his artistic projects from an ironic and surreal perspective. Among his work we can find typography art, epic portraits and drawings representing the apocalyptic scenes which seem to come from a dream world. His light and expressive brushwork glides across the page, recreating the human or animal form with an inherent elegance. A lover of Indie comics and experimental electronic music, he finds joy in a digital drawing. His most notable graphic references range from Katsuhiro Otomo, James Jean and Daniel Richter to classic figures such as Albrecht Dürer and El Bosco. César is currently working as a graphic manager in a high-end fashion brand that will start its journey this year in Barcelona.


Mushrooms are born in silence... Each one brings - and that is what terrible - the initial of the deceased from which it comes. I dare not devour them; that very light meat is a relative of us. But it happens that in the afternoon the mushroom buyer comes, and the harvest begins. (From "The Wild Papers" by Marosa di Giorgio.)
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