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#386 Slurper Slug - ANKA

Slurper Slug by Anka

Poland-born Anna Reczynska, A.K.A. “Anka'' creates otherworldly landscapes by splicing together elements of nature and the cosmos to create ethereal universes found in your dreams. Anka undertook her studies of Animation in Viborg, Denmark and currently works as a Modeler and 3D Generalist at the Forgotten Empires in Spain.

Anka is keen on depicting animals, especially dogs, and searches to create a sort of digital zoo or archive consisting of many creatures. When she is not at the screen creating a new 3D design, she can be found drawing, studying anatomy and going on real-life adventures – big and small. Today she undertakes a cosmic journey as far as Jupiter.


He moves through the space in a similar manner to a snake slithering through the sandy desert. He is mainly occupied with hunting for food, his favorite snack being humanoids. From time to time it manages to find a tiny colony inhabited by human-like creatures. Once the victim is caught by its sticky tongue, the slug will pull its tongue back into his mouth, making a specific slurping sound, akin to one made while eating spaghetti noodle.
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