Recharged by Alejandro Alonso

Alejandro Alonso is an illustrator who creates direct, simple and fun images playing with metaphors, voids and negatives. The solid practice and neverending perseverance became the final keys to his work. His passion for the precise and his wide background in the mural painting have combined to make Alejandro's illustration style a roaring success. His distinctively playful approach has already landed him an impressive commercial client list in Barcelona. In this city he used to work as a mechanic of bicycles. "Maybe because of that in my images everything seems to mesh", - adds the artist. Alejandro Alonso's bold artwork combines a range of digital elements from which they develop clean visuals with a singular aesthetic, just like this super token!


I found a little tube in my pocket that had a label "Open me". It was neither marmalade nor toothpaste. It was destined to the become the color of that new galaxy that I found within myself. Is there is any color on Earth that smells like strawberries and mint?
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