Dreamweaver by Olga O.M. Doodles

A professionally trained chef, polyglot and an avid reader, Olga O.M. Doodles found her favorite language which is the illustration. She has lived in London, Paris, New York, and currently in Chicago where she never missed a chance to go the modern art galleries and museums since they provide her endless references for her personal work. The artist is greatly inspired by women and often chooses them as a subject matter of her visual creations. Her favorite colors are grey and yellow, coincidentally the Pantone colors of the year 2021. Daily creative practice is the only true goal she sets for herself. Today a little bit more on the Moon.


She knows. She sees. She weaves. Every night she comes out to play. Every night she seeks for new adventures, encounters, and hopes. Close your eyes and let her bring you along.
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