Source of Riches by Roger Pastor Novo

Roger Pastor Novo, born in Catalonia, lives and enjoys the creative freedom in the sunny town near the city of Barcelona. He graduated from a famous La Llotja Art and Design Academy and with a trajectory of more than 15 years in the graphic department of a wide recognized fashion brand, he combines his daily work with personal projects and external collaborations. His exquisitely crafted and intricate digital drawings with a sharp, precise line have graced multiple international advertising and packaging projects. Roger has wonderfully participated in the Exquisite Corpse numerous times. And we are thrilled to have him as part of our talented roster!


Wealth or poverty, material or emotional, natural or produced, which has more value for each? The problem is not being able to have any of them but to be able to assess to them. Transferring a good energy of emotional richness can be a good starting point for building a foundation and
strong global markets where the "greater than >" symbol becomes the one with "same =". Let us provoke a new equation with exchange of factors and symbols!

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