Kyomi by Escudo de Papel

One of the youngest artists on board is Carla Bruna. Originally from La Cruz, Chile, Carla is a 20 year old nursing student and illustrator who works under the pseudonym of Escudo de Papel. Escudo de Papel from Spanish translates as "The shield of paper". Those extractive characters, protagonists of her anime and kawai work, are surrounded by the technological signs of our modern world: laptops, mobile phones, motobikes and robots which place these images decisively in the 21st century. Seemingly of the same age as Carla, these young females look thoughtful, sometimes sad, but self-secure. Carla is searching for the neat and flat color solutions for her drawings and make references to her favorite video games that influenced her much over the years.


Heels, lipsticks, bags, wigs, suits, cars, houses, neighborhoods, countries... How big can the shield be? How far can we go? In 3021 you wear the metal shield. It is sleek and shiny. Do not get attached to it.
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