Donut For Dessert by Ilaamen

Ilaamen Pelshaw is a Guatemalan painter based in the United States whose work has been featured in solo and group shows nationally. Growing up with a grandfather who was an artist and muralist, Pelshaw became interested in art herself and developed a practice centered around positivity and warmth. Mostly working on "happy art", her work is always colorful and illustration based, whether through quirky animal portraits or paintings of Latin American culture and crafts. Her art often focused on kindness and inclusion can be found in private collections around Europe, Asia, Africa, and Central America, and now in space.


Saturniano is a young raccoon that just enrolled in the Space Training Academy. To celebrate his first day of training, his mom got him his favorite treat and packed it inside his lunchbox. Saturniano still has a lot to learn about the rules of space!
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