Cyberpunk by Lucas Barreto

Buenos Aires-native Lucas Barreto, or simply Luc, is a fan of Tarot and Mythology and finds germs in these graphic and literary universes in order to create stunning visuals and his own art. An admirer of such designers as Saúl Bass or Max Huber, he always looks for a way to understand the syntheses and graphic resolutions in the work of others. Luc is keen on desaturated colors and extremely comfortable with a soaringly vibrant palette. Extremely curious, he lives reading and learning about various things, and he tends to get fully involved in what catches his attention. Lucas is currently finishing his degree at the University of Buenos Aires, where he had his first contact with the Illustration and since then, he has not stopped drawing. Even while navigating the space.


With a spiked leather jacket and a Katana slung over his shoulder, with a chain and Katana in firm hands, he imposes his justice relentlessly. A world full of possibilities. It is thanks to anime and cinema, the mind remains active, imagining and rethinking things that we thought as impossible.
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