Cyberlove also hurts by Irene Garzie

While getting trained in Illustration, Irene Garzie finds herself in the warm coast of Catalonia, producing work for a wide range of projects across publishing and mural painting. Irene's loose, expressive visual language is immediately recognisable. Spontaneous, energetic, vivid color strokes bring to life contemporary female characters which can be the portrait of its own of the artist. In Irene's work she speaks about the chance and life and lets her emotions and thoughts find the creative release in a digital space. Irene says that the technological nature of her art presents to her as a window to the infinite possibilities, to the Mercury and farther.


Live life as if it was the Gold. It is a mantra that I was taught as a child. Things are there to shine. Make it so, it is very simple. The Gold, it seems so, but it is acidic. Enjoy it!
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