Azaran Blbul by Yegizart

Daria Kondaurova, A.K.A. "Yegizart" has received her Degrees as an Academic in Fine Arts and an Interior Designer. Born in Kazakhstan, Daria lived there most of her life until she moved to Armenia. The historical heritage of the new habitat greatly influenced the artist's creative path and gave inspiration to create a certain style in which the culture of the three countries is intertwined. The abundance of elements depicting birds and plants and a tender exquisitely balanced color palette define Yegizart’s work. Focused on promoting cultural heritage with her work, she cooperates with the Armenian brand Truezard and creates silk scarve collections, popular both in Kazakhstan and Armenia. Yegizart’s work is soon to be released at NFT Liverpool exhibition and now on Saturn.


Without knowing the past, it is impossible to love the present and envision the future. The symbol of the past time is the Azaran blbul, the pride of the Armenian Folk culture. Who knows, perhaps this unknown bird is not a myth, but a reality to be discovered in the outer space? 

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