#119 Amar Chaurasia

Lost In Time by Amar Chaurasia

It is not initially easy to work out exactly how Amar Chaurasia creates such captivating digital images. Motion designer and illustrator from India, Amar embraces a good challenge, enthusiasm and a shared creative and aesthetic vision working at any project. He is self-taught and started his journey as a graphic designer and keeps on adding the layers, starting from animation and then switching to 3D. Chaurasia likes all things to be minimal yet self-explanatory. Amar’s imagination and sense of wonder delivered to us in the shape of this unique token leaves you wondering how much of what you are seeing is in fact real.


The sand clock as a time machine, there is no doubt. Its neck as a portal between the present and the future. It is the wormhole that calls to jump in. Are you ready to be in the moment you are watching the sunset? Do you feel alive chasing for what comes? I forgot what time it is now?

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