Òrbita by Natàlia Juan Abelló

Natàlia Juan Abelló, graduated in Barcelona, has started her exciting freelance journey as a children's illustrator in Saddleworth, UK. Full to the brim with dreamy scenery inhabited by playful characters with big eyes and large cute faces, there is magic everywhere you look. Drawing and creating colour palettes are favorite parts of Natàlia's creative process. Even in her digital work she likes to keep some traditional elements like watercolour textures and pencil details. Her inspiration comes from little things that spark joy: books that she loves, animals and nature. Natàlia creates books, designs printed fabrics, happily grows her online shop and creates the first in history Crypto Corpse!


With a cardboard box a child dreamed of being an Astronaut. After 50 years with a cardboard box the boy became an Astronaut. What is your cardboard box? What is your cardboard ship? What is your cardboard dream? Being a Child-Astronaut.
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