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Risk by César Marcén

A fine arts graduate in Barcelona, César Marcén approaches his artistic projects from an ironic and surreal perspective. Among his work we can find typography art, epic portraits and drawings representing the apocalyptic scenes which seem to come from a dream world. His light and expressive brushwork glides across the page, recreating the human or animal form with an inherent elegance. A lover of Indie comics and experimental electronic music, he finds joy in a digital drawing. His most notable graphic references range from Katsuhiro Otomo, James Jean and Daniel Richter to classic figures such as Albrecht Dürer and El Bosco. César is currently working as a graphic manager in a high-end fashion brand that will start its journey this year in Barcelona.


In memory of Diego Felipe Becerra, graffiti artist killed by the Colombian police
in 2011. Said policemen created false testimonies to accuse Diego Felipe of
offender after being a victim of homicide. 10 years later they have managed to capture to his murderer (on the run thanks to the comrades in his body) and finally start the trial to do "justice" to his honor and family. (Notes by the Artist)
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