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Open Your Mind by Tom Hoff

Tom Hoff is an illustrator and graphic artist born in Santiago de Chile. After starting a design and illustration studio in his hometown, he dedicated himself to nurturing his graphic style by undertaking the Master's degree in illustration and comics in Elisava, Barcelona. Tom creates exquisitely crafted and intricate drawings with a sharp line. His lustrous illustrations are at the same time both beautiful and satirical, with a deep-rooted fascination with multicultural narratives. His personal work is characterized by evoking characters that mix reality with fiction, in order to convey a new world to be seen and explored by the viewer. Cannot get enough of his talent, and you?


Open your mind to always learn more from other people and environment around you and discover different points of view. Open your mind to create endless new things, but always with the simplicity of understanding that we are only a point in the universe that welcomes us. Open your mind to understanding that there are no higher species, but rather we are a whole and that we have to row together to keep us afloat.
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