232 GABRIEL Guzman - roof

#232 Lorelei Oblique by Gabriel Guzman

Gabriel Guzman was born in Mexico City where he works on different projects involving mural, painting, digital illustration and design. Graduated with the Graphic Design and Visual Communication degree at the UNAM, he continued his training diving into the Motion Graphics. Mainly interested in the human nature and human relationships with nature and artificial environments (how they modify and generate social behaviors), in his works Gabriel explores all sorts of interactions with surroundings and oneself and some primitive emotions. Gabriel currently works as an illustrator in Revista Aire, a magazine that is part of Aerome-Xico, the largest airline in his country. Much of his art has been done for social projects, which seek to strengthen isolated communities in cities throughout Mexico.


The Spanish ruin. It is located in a timeless atmosphere, as a symbol of change and reconstruction starting from the leftover pieces of previous life. Those who come to the Spanish ruins tell us about the future and the present, where the life has been modified by no limitations. These roofs became higher and a part of the new landscape, which tomorrow will be new again.
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