The Zuckermare by Cristóbal Fortúnez

Cristóbal Fortúnez champions originality, newness and craftmanship. Cristóbal hails from Santiago de Compostela and has graduated from the University of Vigo as a fine-artist (both in Spain). Cristóbal’s work lays in a space of strident colors with references to pop culture, fullfiled with a sense of humor and an elegance of cats. Over the years of his successful art-carrer he has worked on the blog called Mongolian Fauna and currently contributes to Blackie Books Notebooks where he performs as the co-author and illustrator. In addition, he has done a multitude of jobs in the publishing and advertising worlds working with El País, Esquire, Rolling Stone, Vice among others. Cristóbal is passionate about drawing people that he does not know, he is keen on collecting these pieces and then imagining what their life look like. Today meeting newcomers on Mars!


Do you remember "The Nightmare" by Fuseli? The demon controling the dreams of a sleeping woman. Here, the cat called Mark is invited to enter your house and accompany you in your dreams. The cat is really the one to look attentively at you.
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