Brothers by Malakkai

Malakkai's first contact with graffiti was in late 1999 and he instantly fell in love with it. Over the years he begins to travel and see that he has friends over the half of the planet Earth. This only makes him even more passionate about the urban art. You can find his murals and painted walls in multiple places: from Vidreres to Nian Xian, passing through Ciudad Juárez, Djerba, Düsseldorf, Almería and Naples. It is thanks to this experience with street art that he decided to dedicate himself professionally to the illustration and muralism. Lover of desaturated colors, Malakkai creates vivid expressive characters with irony and a touch of melancholy. Today he brings one of them as far as to Mercury!


Without you looking for it and without asking for it, at the most unexpected moment, or at the most ideal moment, that being appears. The one that seems to complement you, like your reflection but different, united by the same energy without knowing how, with different views that only make you feel challenged but understood. At that very moment you just met your Brother
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