327 LION ✅


Gryphos by Lion Bml

Biel Moreno Lluberes, also known as Lion Bml, is one of the youngest artists among Exquisite Workers. Born in Barcelona in 2004, he has always been passionate about the world of art and currently follows his dreams to be fully present in it. His style on early stages is highly influenced by artists: Jean-Michel Basquiat, Grabiel Piccolo, Jack Kirby, Alberto Mielgo, Jake Parker and Gastón Pacheco among others. Biel's versatility is highly prized by the audience as he has already illustrated the book which became best-selling in the local community as well as exhibited his work at the Young Art Festival and won some posters competition. It is clear to see that Biel is going to become an internationally acclaimed illustrator in his own right!


I want to wake up in the morning and be a Griffin! Giant eagle with white feathers, sharp beak and very strong claws! I will fly far beyond what is known with the blue fur, muscular legs and a long tail of a Lion! Invincible, I will be in charge of protecting the treasures of the Olympian gods with my mighty fiery sword forever and after!
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