#398 Time Protector by Anubhav

Time Protector by Anubhav for Exquisite Workers

Complex, impeccably finished 3D animation revealing the intricate beauty of everyday life, Anubhav’s work is highly diverse and always enigmatic. Anubhav Kesarwani originally hails from India and being a self-taught artist, he started out as a graphic designer and then switched to animation 3D. He likes things to be minimal yet self-explanatory. The most inspiring part of his artistic process is the outcome, how the artwork is coming along with whatever it takes. He currently works for "Animal", the independent creative agency with a focus on creating work based on design and insights, one of the fastest growing agencies worldwide. Clients include Google, Microsoft, Apple, Netflix, Oppo, Facebook amongst others. Kesarwani’s passion is photography, architecture and traveling around his home country.


About eight or nine in the morning I came to the same seat of yellow metal from which I had viewed the world upon the evening of my arrival. I thought of my hasty conclusions upon that evening and could not refrain from laughing bitterly at my confidence. Here was the same beautiful scene, the same abundant foliage, the same splendid palaces and magnificent ruins, the same silver river running between its fertile banks. 

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