Barrio famoso al descubierto
by Espiritú

Peruvian illustrator graduated as a publicist, Espiritú is addicted to creating stories. His careful process starts with many pencil sketches on paper to experiment with different possibilities, and to create effective visuals, then finalizes with color and texture digitally. Passionate about the Pixar movies, Espiritú’s works in a style which incorporates lively color and graphic shapes to create engaging narratives and fun-to-look-at characters. Through his 2D and animated art Espiritú speaks about the absurdity of the world with a bit of a social criticism and admires nature and fantastical worlds. In future Espiritú aspires to work in the educational sector as well as to make films.


Take the famous and lovable characters we grew up with to think about the scandals that later surface. Challenge yourself to understand how murky the history of our childhood icons can be or the concepts with which they formed us.
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