The third mission by Futureman

Born and based in Japan, the Futureman is a psychologist who received his counseling qualifications at the age of 48. At the age of 52, he decided to undertake the path of an artist. Bright colors and thick lines that influence a soft impression of his artwork aim to provide the inner peace of the viewer. Deeply inspired by sci-fi and retro futurism, he searches for the inspiration in Star Trek, Lost in Space among other cinematographic works. Going beyond time and space means abandoning the concept of age and changing our relationship with people around us are the recurrent topics of Futureman’s visual diary. What the artist values the most is to live in the present moment to the fullest and create a future as a result.


Have you ever time-traveled? Unfortunately, I do not have such experiences. But my friend does. He is the member of the third mission searching the secret product that gives an emotional leeway. Dern, Peace and Beets go to the past to find antiques that show the true craftsmanship and make them feel alive.
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