Cyberspace Invanders by Dani Burés

Dani Burés is a Galician artist, inevitably influenced by his career as an architect and landscaper. Dani is primarily an exponent of line, the quality of which can be described as dynamic, elegant and precise. Always working on vectors, he shows a great interest in a somewhat abstract and geometrized representation of all kinds of subjects. He seeks the maximum formal simplification of any type of a still life or landscapes that present a suggestive for the artist composition. Although on average the color palette in his vignettes is scarce or non-existent and it is repeating geometric patterns that catch the prominence, we can feel the warmth. There are plants. There are many plants. And there is life.


We tend to separate everyday life from the one we live online. What we mistakenly call the real life has become the part of the virtual space. The internet has come to change the relational paradigm. What is virtual conditions what is social. You can decide not to actively participate in it, but you cannot quit the game.
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