#397 Fud by ADAM GARBUTT

Fud by Adam Garbutt for Exquisite Workers

Coming from the United Kingdom, is the explorer of the dream-like and ethereal: Adam Garbutt. He is interested in creating visuals and experiences which are highly personal, emotive and touch on topics such as mental health, philosophy and the digital mirror world. Using an art style which is able to transcend culture and get to simple communicating feelings and emotion understood by all. incorporating soundscapes into his pieces to help further communicate beyond the visual, touching on the unspoken feelings that words often can’t capture.


Often, the world of Crypto and the worlds of the meta-verse are showcased as a utopia. Bright, dreamy and iridescent. A perfect place. Whilst we are in the current period of exploration, discovery and market instability, I wanted to make this piece about the unspoken. the people who are financially knocked back of the digital ecosystem due to market exploitation and rug-pulls from larger entities.

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