Future Anxiety by Héctor V Nielsen

A love of paint and found things lead Héctor V Nielsen's richly textural illustration. Héctor grew up in sunny Tenerife, Canary Islands and spent his adulthood travelling around the world and got trained in fine art and illustration in Mexico. Back in Spain he kept improving his skills undertaking a degree in Valencia and his home town. Héctor loves animation, design and digital media and invites the spectator to visit his psychedelic world and meet fantastic creatures from the realm of his imagination who communicate through irresistible colors and peculiar forms with wit and sense of humor.


What is happenning with the Dow Jones today? What is the forecast? And the Nasdaq? Everything is taking off. Soon we will all be the millionaires! Relax, we will not loose anything. Carpe Diem. Tempus fugit.

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