Not Overlook by Hirofumi Ito

We struck gold when we stumbled upon a talent like Hirofumi Ito. Born and raised in Japan, since he was a child he has loved drawing more than exercise. He loved to scribble on back of boring school test papers with his black ballpoint pen and by simply starting drawing, practicing, strengthening his technique, he became a self-taught artist. Since 2016 Hirofumi has been sharing his creations on Instagram where he recreates his fantasy worlds derived from a traditional Japanese culture. Monsters, girls, molluscs, mushrooms as well as all possible ridiculous, absurd and attractive things that the artist imagined as a child become the protagonists of his personal work. He expects his ideas to become the means to connect with people living in remote places. Today his art has reached as far as the Solar System.


We can't do anything without knowing about poverty. Without seeing people suffering from poverty, we can't help them. Even if we don't have the financial resources or the wisdom, We can surely make the future better by starting to know the reality. I believe that we can make people smile who are in despair.

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