Gente Feliz S.A by Jordi Barenys

Barcelona born, Jordi Barenys exhausted his early ambitions of becoming an engineer and right before graduating as an Industrial designer and a Product developer, he leaves his studies and immediately enrolls in a professional training at Massana art school. He understood that drawing it is what he has always wanted to do. Moving straight into commercial illustration the commissioning world embraced him with high profile jobs and an award for the best illustrated book in a paper format ("Newton and his moves"). His fantastical and detailed illustrations, a burst of colour and energy, packed with psychedelic dream-like environments and a sprinkle of ingenuity, now become a part of the story of Crypto Exquisite Corpse.


Hiding and making up problems is useless, you have to face them head-on. This work is a critique of the current system we live in where we make up poverty, but the problem is more fundamental, in the system itself.

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