Polar by Marina Tena

Marina Tena i Borràs, is a fresh face on the illustration scene and a production powerhouse with a confident and individual folio at this early stage in her career. Born in Barcelona, Marina now is 26 and brings her enthusiasm about editorial design and animation into her personal work full of charm seeking for the delicate balance between design and illustration with an introspective and feminist gaze. Marina promotes a self-care and acceptance of one's own defects and mainly uses Catalan language in her work to reinforce the presence of content in this language on the networks. The name of her Instagram account translates as "And so I paint". And we enjoy!


It has been a sweet spring time. The bed is warm and the sleep has escaped. You can hear the crickets singing in the serenity and the rain moaning under the bridge. You are my guidance. You talk to me through the book pages. Is it my voice anyways?
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