Siamese Dream by Muertísima​

Fernanda Fierro is a Mexican illustrator and designer trained at the Faculty of Arts and Design at UNAM, Mexico City. Her work is characterized by the use of vibrant textures and radiant colors which give life to her multiple characters. Constantly seeking to adapt her style to the diverse mediums and to capture the way she feels and sees the world, she aims to connect with a spectator in a deep level. Fernanda signs under the name "Muertísima" and is excited about the idea of becoming one day inspiration for young creators like her.


I hope that when the years pass and we no longer inhabit these bodies, our successors will be able to turn to see each other. I like to think that in the future, advances in technology will help us to distribute goods in a fair way and that, thus, those who seem armored, indestructible and untouchable will have the same weight as those who were born under very different conditions; I would like the possibilities for both to be the same, that the planet does not suffer, that everyone has a decent life and that inhabiting this dimension does not represent pain for anyone.
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