#154 PABS

Atomic Dreams by Pabs

Regardless of the technique he uses - graffiti, free drawing, or digital - Pabs creates friendly and optimistic characters that connect by their simplicity, color and humor. Pablo Fernández del Castillo Garibay, known as "Pabs" was born in Mexico and has spent half of his life in Barcelona, Spain. Pablo Fernández has been a part of the first generation of Pictoplasma Academy, where along with other artists he specialized in the character creation. Today he is an urban artist, illustrator and advertising creative whose work is beautifully spontaneous, simple and fresh. Pabs's work has been extensitvely exhibited in Barcelona, Mallorca, Madrid, Berlin and now on the Moon.


We are atoms, each particle of us is an entire universe where everything is impossible and possible at the same time. I am a planet, an explosion. I am everything and I am nothing. Cosmic dust or a quirk of existence. Nobody knows but here I am.
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