Space Cat by Cehache

Cehache known among friends as Daniel Chisaba hails from the city of Bogota, Colombia. As comfortable working on illustrations for printed media and advertising as well as photography and street art, after 6 years in local and international agencies, he focuses on his personal work. His illustrations catch the eye for the masterful use of color and the detailed and intricate exploration of the manmade world. His pared back environments provide an elegant simplicity that delivers a concise narrative message. Daniel is eager to explore the world and so he does by travelling to the outerspace within this Crypto Exquisite Corpse right from the Black Hole.


One small step for man, one big leap for cats, one look through
out of his eyes, surrounded by fiction, plants, ropes, or perhaps snakes that he
imagine, creature active more at night than in day, more in space than in
the earth, the differences between my eyes and my cat's affect reality so much
and the ways in which they capture it, that make it a door to fiction and

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