Galactic Frenzy by Giacomo Marguglio

Italy-based Giacomo Marguglio’s charismatic and witty artwork is the product of his ability to digest and illustrate clever glitches, concepts and interesting visual cues in the world around him. Giacomo says he was born with the pencil in his hand. After he finished his studies in traditional art printing at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples and then in Venice, he started his career as a freelance illustrator. Often fascinated by dream-like situations depicting strange creatures and ironic environments, Giacomo Marguglio’s instantly recognisable style is enviably simple, looks fantastic with juicy details and bug eyes applied to just about anything, and is genuinely funny: something very few illustrators can boast.


Is there life on other planets? Yes, and it is just as busy as life on the Earth! The annoyed fellas are stuck in a traffic Monday morning on the Andromeda intersection. Cannot you blame them for being a little upset?
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