#348 Tina by Belén Moreno

Belén Moreno was born in sunny Sevilla and graduated in Fine Arts from the University of Granada, the place where she met and fell madly in love with illustration. With a classic style, steeped in tradition and popular culture, she aims to tell stories full of insight and subtle narratives, leaving an open door for the reinterpretation. The chromatic scarcity prevails in her figurative work contrasting with the meticulousness and exaggeration of the detail. Today she brings on board of Exquisite Workers the experimentation and fun in pure state without losing the delicacy of the good know-how.


To Tina, lover of stones, of the food of Amparo and of her sullen owner. Instigator of great beasts and faithful enemy of canids with kinky hair. To you, little mousetrap, that after the long hibernation in a cotton chrysalis, one day tore more than a cocoon, to raise on the beautiful flight!
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