I'm Not A Robot by Núria Madrid

As a millennial, Núria Madrid has lived in an analogue world that changed into a constantly evolving digital ocean. Since then she has cultivated an interest in digital mediums. After more than five years spent working in the advertising industry, she started messing around with 3D software and fell in love with its endless odds. Now she creates 3D visuals for both big brands and small start-ups. Influenced by mostly everything around her from architecture, technology, accidental style icons, and 90's nostalgia, she does not know how her long-term goals look like but they will be curiosity-driven for sure. A truly spellbinding piece of genuinely digital rendering — look no further than Núria on Venus, she is at the top of her game with this token!


Science fiction has been preparing us for the future, and warning as well. Someday, an artificial super-intelligence will gain a self-awareness and will bring unforeseeable changes to human civilization. But unlike all dystopian stories, what if everything gets better?
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