Space Touch by Mr. Kat & Friends

Mr. Kat & Friends is a character-driven world created by Jaime Alvarez Sobreviela, a Peru-based character designer, artist and IP creator. His cute and classy visuals are intended to communicate tenderness, playfulness and happiness. He focuses his narrative from a sensory standpoint, giving attention to feelings, a mood or an idea. It is like a conversation started by the artist and completed by the viewer, opening a space for everyone’s imagination.

Jaime’s star has risen rapidly in recent years, seeing him create characters, both inside and outside the Mr. Kat family, for brands like Apple, Movistar and Facebook, numerous fashion and luxury brands and now for the first historical Crypto Exquisite Corpse on Venus.


It is the lockdown, how do you feel? Is this freedom to hug your family and friends and to travel into the woods? Is this freedom to feel the snow in your hands? Is this freedom to experience a touch which like a painter tells pictures in your mind?

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