Virtual space by Pixel Hao

Tainan City native, Pixel Hao is one of our youngest crew members and a passionate Pixel Art student. Pixel Hao is 22 years of age dreaming about the possible future in which the virtual and physical reality gradually dissolves one in another, and when the body dies, the human consciousness remains in the virtual space forever. His great references in art are Taiwanese pixel illustrator Pixel jeff as well as Australian animator Paul Robertson. Pixel Hao enjoys using a rich blue color in his personal work and seeks for bringing the best of pixel retro style blended with a modern animation perfection. Pixel Hao always tries to push his art as far as it can go. Today it has reached Mercury!


It is not the wood, it is not the gold, it is not made of sand, it is not crafted from marble. When the idea falls apart, does it make any sound? How many ideas do you reject as inappropriate lovers? Today they launch the satellite that once was your thought. You can see it live on television.

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