Nikes On My Feet by Cehache

Daniel Cehache hails from the city of Bogota, Colombia. As comfortable working on illustrations for printed media and advertising as well as photography and street art, after 6 years in local and international agencies, he focuses on his personal work. His illustrations catch the eye for the masterful use of color and the detailed and intricate exploration of the manmade world. His pared back environments provide an elegant simplicity that delivers a concise narrative message.  Daniel is eager to explore the world and so he does by travelling to the outerspace within this Neptune Exquisite Corpse.


Do you know this feeling of satisfaction when you purchase your first shoes, the ones you saw the celebrities and athletes using on the TV, those that you never imagine to have. But you worked hard; the unique sensation transports you to the space, to the unbeliable places. And then you step onto the ground and they bring you back to the reality, that has already been changed.  You start to leave history on the asphalt. You are happy and that is what matters. You are only 14 years old. 
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