Birth And Death Of The Universe by James Lee

London-based visual artist, James Lee has a fascination with learning and using new tech to develop his creations, working in the motion design field exploring real time processes to find different ways of engaging with his work. He mostly finds nature and abstract forms as inspirations for his work, trying to filter a thought or an emotion into a visual representation of that. Excited about XR, Volumetric Video, Virtual Production and AI-driven work, James is keen on challenging the conventional way of working and always keen to continually learn and grow. When he is not doing art or design, he is thinking of how to create his first game.


Nothing can happen to us. What could? Sleep now. Sleep. It was quiet in the deep morning of Venus, as quiet as a hot and purple well, with stars shining in the canal waters, and, breathing in every room, the children curled with their corals in closed hands, the lovers arm in arm, the moons gone. I will wake you up in 10 minutes.
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