#153 JENNY P

Hello by Jenny Pokryvailo

Jenny Pokryvailo born in St. Petersburg, Russia, is an illustrator and a tattoo artist who undertook her studies in the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem and in Instituto Europeo di design in Milan, Italy. Many years of designing and drawing experience lead Jenny to shape a personal style that often combines elements from nature and man-made objects exploring the relationship between shapes, materials and textures, always with a fantastical air. Curves vs lines, soft vs solid, flow vs steadiness, feminine vs masculine - Pokryvailo’s unique and favorite compositions are distingisged by contrast. Being a minimalist, she believes in the design that is definitive in its appearance and has a clear statement. The artist achieves that by using a strict monochromatic ink demonstrating the magical ability of the black color to capture the pure essence of things.


Someone is calling. The voice is the growing flora and it supports the old dial phone’s existence. The hard becomes the soft, the stillness turns to be the movement, the silence sounds like life.
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