Go Big Or Glow Bones by Kat Hassell

Kat Hassell is an illustrator who works for a UK design studio and specialises in digital portraiture using Photoshop and Procreate. Ex-teacher, twin mama and maker of things, Kat strives for mystery in her art and rewards the audience with her fantastical creatures that draw you in. As well as figurative illustration, Kat also paints and works with recycled mixed precious metals. Kat dreams of owning a tiny seafront art shop full of wonky ceramics and contemporary illustration, where she can create all day with a dog at her feet.


What insane heat it was when you were angry, right? Didn't you feel everything burning? Calm down, that is alright. You still have a flame of Life left. It is the Life that makes you burn. Return to your body now and learn to rest...
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