#117 PJ melbourne

Peacefully Into The Unknown by PJ Melbourne

The work PJ Melbourne creates is unafraid to be bold and colourful, simple and ironic. He makes memorable images and those that grab you with their masterful handling of juicy palettes, minimalistic shapes and fun characters which seem to be made of a real plastic. Based in the Washington D.C., USA, Patrick, AKA "PJ Melbourne", takes inspiration from both Pop artists like Keith Haring as well as his own coming of age and life as an American Suburbanite. The inclusion of 3D in his workflow has been extremely useful, helping him to create fantastical scenes and objects that represent both his wildest imagination and personal experiences. Patrick specializes in interactive digital, print and motion graphic experiences as well as cohesive branding and marketing campaigns. He is a great astronaut too, and we love his meaningful token!


I saved it. I saved the rocket for twenty years. I had it hidden away, hoping I would never have to use it like an old umbrella. I suppose I should have given it to the government for the war, but I kept thinking about Venus and walking there by hand with you. Today is June 29, 2041, today is June 29, 2041, today is...

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